Hi! I’m Carrie


Your Marriage Coach, Relationship Expert, & Licensed Psychotherapist. 

I coach couples jointly and individually to heal the trauma/stress from infidelity, loss, fractures in trust, infertility, co-parenting difficulties, and more so that they can THRIVE. 

I have been helping people help themselves for 25 years. And I have helped 500+ couples heal their marriage and create something stronger than they started with. 

My professional training started with my graduate studies at New York University and continued post-grad.  I have 15 years of training on all aspects of psychotherapy, plus another 7 specifically in couples work - my training is comprehensive, spans a variety of modalities and has depth. 

My couples work is based on my training in the following methods: The Gottman Model, EFT for couples, Imago Therapy, and Psychodynamic Models.  I incorporate the foundations of these along with the experiences I've had working with couples over the course of my career.  

I started my private practice as a licensed psychotherapist in 2002. I loved working with my clients, connecting with and guiding them through their own deep internal work deep work to help them consider new perspectives, shift negative paradigms, and develop tools and strategies to become their best selves and maximize their potential for a full and gratifying life.

Eventually I started to feel confined in my practice and wanted more flexibility to work with clients using different modalities and bringing women and couples together from around the world. But a change in my model was in order.

And thanks to Covid, I was forced to slow down and finally had time to re-evaluate my personal and business life. It was at that time, that I made the decision to pivot online and utilize my skills more holistically, outside of a conventional psychotherapy setting. 

And on the personal side...

I was married in 2004 at the age of 30. I met my husband at work. I know what they say about workplace romances, but with both of us having a background in psychology, we were very thoughtful about it. 

This was actually my second marriage. My first marriage in my twenties ended after 3 years. That divorce, although relieving when it was complete, was nothing short of difficult. Who I was at 18 when I met him and who I was at 27, when we divorced, was not the same woman.  

Through the years, I continued to develop and evolve, but he stayed the same. Couples can not withstand the kind of distance the develops when one partner grows but the other doesn't. 

10 Fun Facts About Me

1. I’m a working mom. I continued building my psychotherapy practice once my daughter was born. I am all too familiar with the balance, or lack thereof, between working and momming.

2. I love to travel. I’ve been all over the world and still have many places left on my bucket list. I love seeing new places and having new experiences. I love immersing myself in other cultures and “living like a local”.

3. I am a straight shooter. You’ll always know what I’m thinking. While I will tailor my message to my audience, you will always know what my message is.

4. I am originally from NY and my heart is still there. As a family, we travel to NYC regularly and have rented the same apartment in Chelsea since 2015. Another place I love to “live like a local”. 

5. My career as a psychotherapist was as fulfilling as a career could be. I have taken great pride in building a sustainable practice and developing a solid reputation as someone who’s expert in couples work and women’s issues.

6. I met my husband at work. I actually hired him for a job to work alongside me in a program I was running. We worked together for a few years before we started dating. We were married in 2004 and the rest is history!.

7. I eat a gluten free diet. After spending a great deal of time trying to understand my stomach discomfort through food sensitivity testing and nutrition, I learned that I am non-celiac gluten sensitive. As a result, removing gluten from my diet was a game changer for me!

8. I am a morning person. I love the quiet of the morning. I love waking up early, before everyone in my home, and taking time for myself. I drink my coffee, journal and get my day started. It’s my most productive time of day.

9. I have two petite goldendoodles which are part of my self-therapy. These pups couldn't be more loving, gentle and doting.

10. I’m a Francophile. I love all things France. I’ve traveled there multiple times and can’t take a trip to Europe without a pit stop in France. I love French cheese, French wine, Champagne, French food and French music.