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About me

Hi, I’m Carrie. 

I have helped over 500 couples heal their marriage, deepen their friendship and create a love that lasts a lifetime.

As a graduate of New York University, I started my early training as a psychotherapist in New York City.  Learning from my mentors, I quickly embraced continuing education and personal development. 
Upon graduation, I enrolled in advanced studies in post-graduate training.  I spent another 15 years studying and practicing depth psychology and 7 years on couples therapy. 
My training was always a priority to me, as I wanted to serve my clients in the best ways possible.  Additionally, I'm well versed in a myriad of couples models including The Gottman Approach, EFT for couples, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Attachment therapy and more.  
Through my 25 years of practice and the variety of modalities of therapy I've mastered, I've created my own methodology that I've been using with couples for the last 10 years with great success.
Blending the depth of my psychotherapy thinking along with the practicality of directive methods, my framework was born.  It covers the most important needs of couples deeply and directly, but without spending years rehashing old wounds and hurts.  


And on the personal side...

My husband and I were married in 2004 and we had our daughter in 2009.  Happily married today, we've had our share of challenges to navigate. 
From the toll that 3 years of infertility took on us to other life issues, we spent 5 years in our own marital therapy learning, healing and growing.
We've journeyed through a lot of transitions together, some of which were really difficult.  At times, wondering if we'd make it.  But in the end, we always chose each other.
And now knee deep in midlife, we are sandwiched between caring for aging and sick parents & parent loss, while also parenting our teenage daughter.
We are intentional about living our life with each other in a way that supports the meaningful connection, deep friendship & fondness and love we have for one another. 


And thanks to the work we did both in and out of therapy, we feel strong enough to withstand all the curve balls life has thrown and continues to throw at us.