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This is for you if you

  • are overreacting to minor daily irritations with your partner
  • feel trapped in a cycle of never ending arguments in your relationship
  • are getting triggered left and right by your partner & feel blindsided by it
  • become engulfed by your emotions & then just completely withdraw (Netflix binge anyone?)¬†¬†

This will teach you to

  • take control over your emotions so that you get to decide how to respond
  • diffuse conflict, move out of fight flight mode, and re-engage with your partner
  • how to have difficult conversations without them inevitably leading to a blowup
  • use your relationship in a healthy way to come and ground each of you

This was a life saver for me 10 years ago when my stress was at an all time high, my daughter was a fiercely independent toddler, and the hubs and I were arguing on the reg. 

Hi I'm Carrie

Thank you for trusting me to help you give your relationship the upgrade it deserves.  Just a little about me so that you know where your getting your help from.

In addition to practicing as a Psychotherapist for 25 years, I also have 15 years of post graduate training in couples therapy. 

Everything you learn from me comes from one of 3 places and is all research backed strategy:

1. My training in science backed proven couples methods.

2. The 400+ couples I have helped revive their marriages.

3. My own 19 year marriage that has seen its share of ups and downs, as well as my own 5 years of personal marital therapy.