The Marriage Reconnector Masterclass 

A workshop for couples who are ready to be guided on the first steps of their journey towards transforming their marriage.

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This is for you if 

💔 The “Dang, I love you” best friend relationship you once had with your partner now feels like a memory.
💔 The isolation you feel around him has you wondering, “would it be easier to start over with someone else?”
💔 You’ve tried the books, podcasts, & even dabbled in therapy but your marriage still feels like two roommates at best.
💔 You know in your heart it’s possible to reconnect with this man you once loved, you just don’t know how to start that process.

And here's what you'll leave with


❣️ The exact blueprint to work through what’s making you feel distant & find a solution that makes you both feel seen & heard.
❣️ The exact steps to take to rebuild communication & connection, so you can start to fall back in love (yes it’s possible!)
❣️ The framework that will allow you to heal, forgive & begin the steps to saving your marriage and keep your family together.
❣️ Hope, that so much more is possible than you could've imagined.

Hi I'm Carrie Cohen! 


A Wife, Mom, & Relationship Strategist.  I've been a practicing Psychotherapist for 25 years and have worked with over 500 couples just like you. My experience runs deep and wide.  Beyond grad school, I spent 15 years training in depth psychology to really hone my craft as a therapist.  Additionally, I spent 7 years training specifically in couples work. 

And on the personal side, my husband and I will be celebrating 20 years of marriage this year and we have one daughter.   We feel grateful to have built the marriage we have.  It wasn't always easy for us, as we endured a lot of stress and concentration.  But after 5 years of marriage therapy in 2011 and an enduring commitment to have the best marriage possible, I can say that we are truly happy, deeply in love and have an amazing friendship.