The last private support group you will ever need!

If you are a married woman, this private community is like no other you've experienced.  Moderated by me, a 25 year psychotherapist specializing in couples therapy, I have worked with well over 500 couples just like you.

Join me on the inside!


This is for you if you

  • desire a space to with like-minded women who are also interested in creating an extraordinary marriage
  • feel alone and isolated in your efforts to strengthen and enhance your marriage 
  • you've listened to the podcasts and read the books, but you know that nothing beats having a tribe of women who are doing what you want to be doing.  

This private support group will 

  • provide you with the best tools and strategies for creating the marriage you dream of.
  • be a safe confidential space for you to get support from like-minded women. 
  • provide you with expert guidance and workshops from a Psychotherapist

This group is not

  • a substitute for individual or group therapy
  • a place to come only to complain about your husband
  • for women who are not interested in creating and supporting a fellow tribe.

About Me

Hi I'm Carrie.  I'm a mom, wife, Relationship Strategist and have been practicing as a psychotherapist for 25 years.  As someone who went through my own marital journey with my husband of 19 years, I value the support from other women and the strategy from a professional. 

I am excited to create this sacred space, like no other on facebook, for you as a soft place to land when you're struggling with something and as your new home to grow and develop into the kind of partner you desire to be.