Couples Connect 

Reignite the spark you once had, Rediscover the connection you started with & Renew your friendship.


You are here because you are in a marriage that you know is not fulfilling you right now.  You know it can be better.  You want more love, more connection, more friendship and less tension, less silence and less fighting.  

If you are like most couples, then you've either tried solutions but they didn't work.  Or you haven't tried anything because you actually don't know where to start. 
But what you do know, is that your marriage must get better otherwise you don't know how long it will actually last. 
I get it.  Marriage is REALLY challenging.  It's usually only relatively easy in the beginning, but as soon as life starts to unfold and responsibilities hit, marriage becomes more work. 
All marriages, especially the good ones, take work.  I don't buy into the "it shouldn't be this hard" or "if it's this much work, it's not meant to be" mentality.  That's just simply not true.
So maybe you've read some books, listened to podcasts, talked to other married friends, but nothing seems to really help. 
You're not quite ready to dive into couples therapy or a group coaching program, but you certainly want things to get better.  

And this is exactly why I created Couples Connect.  

Maybe you are ready to do the work, but your partner is not.  Perhaps the big investment of therapy feels to daunting right now.    
You will get everything you need inside this program to reignite the spark, rediscover your connection & renew your friendship. 
I know I would've loved an option like this when my husband were just starting to look for help on our marriage.  This would have been the ideal place to start. 
And not to mention, how challenging it is to navigate the options.  How do you know you're getting help from someone who knows what they are doing?
But don't worry, I've got you covered.  I've helped over 400 couples revive their marriage.  And this program encompasses the first steps I take my private clients through.   
Once you say "YES" to Couples Connect, your marriage will never be the same.  I can assure you of that. 
So what are you waiting for?!  Lets go!!
Yes! Let's do this!

This is for you if you 

  • Have an issue with your partner & instead of communicating you either pick a fight or ice them out.
  • So badly want to feel the way you used to feel in the beginning when you looked forward to seeing your partner, but now you‚Äôre¬†living like¬†roommates.
  • Want to deeply fall back in love w/ your partner but you have no idea where to start.
  • Want to do this work in the privacy of your own home and at your own pace.

This will help you 

  • Teach you how to communicate your needs to your partner so you can resolve issues without rehashing them
  • Help you feel seen, heard and understood with action steps designed connect through communication.
  • Give you the step by step roadmap with actionable strategies to rekindle the connection you once felt (and go deeper - yes it‚Äôs possible).
  • Provide you with the framework you need to start creating your future together so that you‚Äôre always feeling aligned on your needs, desires and goals.

Here's what you get when you say "YES" 

‚ėĎÔłŹ Five recorded video modules expertly curated with evidence based strategies that give you an action plan to move forward.

‚ėĎÔłŹ Weekly Action Steps so that you know exactly where to put the focus.

‚ėĎÔłŹ An engaging experience you are excited to implement unlike the book you purchased last year that collects dust on the shelf.

‚ėĎÔłŹ Lifetime access so you can revisit every time you need a tune up

What you'll learn inside:

Building Strong Foundations

Everything you need at the start to create a build a strong marriage from the ground up so you're not on shaky ground.

Communication for Connection

The kind of communication that brings you closer together and bridges the gap.

Navigating Conflict

The tools you need to successfully resolve a fight that ends in mutual understanding.  

Love & Intimacy 

We'll build and strengthen this essential ingredient and you'll know exactly what your marriage needs & how to meet it.

Protect your future 

Planning out your shared vision is one way to divorce proof your marriage.


Self-Regulation & Emotional Intelligence

Building your emotional capacities strengthens the resilience of your marriage to withstand stress. 

Yes! Let's do this!

Meet Carrie 

I'm so glad you are here and decided to take the first step to reignite, rediscover and renew your relationship.  I want to assure you that you are in good hands with me.  

As a psychotherapist for the past 25 years, I've had the privilege and honor to work with well over 1000 women, men and couples who put their trust in me to help them feel better about themselves, their relationships and the life they are living.  

While I won't bore you with all of my credentials, I do think it's important for you to know that I have extensive professional training in couples therapy and marriage work.  And I've spent the last 15 years of my career specifically honing this part of my craft.  

Additionally, my personal experiences also run deep.  Married and divorced in my 20's and now celebrating 19 years of marriage with my current husband, it wasn't always easy for me.  I had to learn a lot about myself following my divorce in order to prepare myself for another relationship, knowing that I wanted this one to be forever.  

My husband and I have had our share of ups and downs; from 3 years of infertility, to job changes, building businesses, parent illness/death, and much more, we've worked through a lot together.  We even spent 5 years in marriage therapy to solidify our foundation and work through some real sticky points.  

And what I've put together inside Couples Connect, is what I wish I would've had to start with.  And it's exactly how I start with all of my private clients. 

Should you have any questions about me, my training, or my experience or my qualifications, please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly.  I know how important it is when you are choosing someone to help you with one of your most valuable assets. 

(Pictured here is my small, but mighty family - My husband Steven, our daughter Elayna and our two fur babies Gus and Brooke.) 

Imagine if 

  • you¬†and your partner had open honest communication where you could share your thoughts and feelings without judgment.
  • you felt so secure and confident in your commitment to one another and¬†trusted each other implicitly.¬†
  • you and your partner¬†had¬†constructive¬†ways to move through conflict while staying connected, and¬†creating¬†mutual understanding.¬†
  • you felt a deep friendship again¬†because you and your partner were on the same page.¬†
  • your emotions are heard and you feel seen for exactly who you are and what you need.¬†
  • you love spending time with your partner,¬†are expanded by them and feel a strong attraction again.
I can imagine that!

This could be your reality once you complete the Couples Connection 


"Carrie has turned our marriage around.  I was ready to file for divorce, but my partner begged me to give our marriage one more try.  Carrie made me feel safe, seen and completely understood.  She helped us work through the trust that was broken and I can honestly say that our marriage is better than it's ever been.  I'm so proud of our marriage."

 (To protect the privacy of my clients, all identifying details are kept confidential.)


"I felt like Carrie understood us and what we were dealing with from the beginning.  She was able to see what the issues were, what we needed to work and helped us accomplish what we needed in our marriage.  I loved how she structured things for us right from the beginning.  Knowing where we going was important to both of us."

(To protect the privacy of my clients, all identifying details are kept confidential)


"Carrie showed us what was possible when we were hopeless.  We really thought our marriage was over, but once we started working with her, it was clear that the impossible was going to be possible.  We had worked with other marriage therapists before, but it didn't help so we had lost all hope that anything could help us."

(To protect the privacy of my clients, all identifying details are kept confidential.)

Are you ready to give your marriage the upgrade it deserves and REIGNITE the spark, REDISCOVER your connection, & RENEW your friendship?


5 Modules of Expertly Curated lessons to get your marriage moving in the right direction (Valued at $500)

3-5 Pdf's per module with Actions Steps to keep you accountable to your learning and implementing (Valued at $250) 

Knowledge shared with you from a Psychotherapist who's worked for the past 25 years with couples just like you (Priceless) 

And instead of $750 for the material in this program

Or the cost of couples therapy (~$300 per session)

Or the cost of private marriage coaching (~$1500/month)

You can get started with Couples Connect and it's only $99.  

Now you may be asking why I priced it so low?

Well because I want you to have the opportunity to start working on your marriage (your most valuable asset) even if you're not in the position to make a big financial commitment or time commitment right now.

And I remember when my husband and I were embarking on our first piece of work as couple. We had many conversations about where we were going to "find" the time and how we were going to allocate our funds differently so that we could invest in our marriage. 

So this would have been a  perfect place for us to begin.

For only $99. We are ready!

The choice is yours! 

And I'm going to level with you.  What kind of marriage do you want? 

Yes you do get to decide that.  And if you decide that you want something more and better than what you have now, it's time to take action.  

Time DOES NOT heal all wounds.  In many cases, passing time can actually make circumstances worse.  

You may be thinking that starting over with someone new is easier, but unfortunately it's actually much harder.  Not only do you bring with you all your "baggage" but now you have to start again to create something new with someone you don't know. 

I wholeheartedly believe that if you once were in love with your partner, you got together for some very important reasons that we'll rediscover, and now you GET to bring that back to life. 

I know first hand, not only from my professional experience, but also from my personal experience, that when you put the effort into your marriage in a very intentional and thoughtful way, you GET to have exactly the kind of marriage you desire. 

I know with certainty that the methods I teach couples works!  I have witnessed couple after couple transform their marriage and tell me that they "didn't know it could be THIS good." 

Yes it can be THAT good!  But the choice is yours.

Are you ready?

Let's do this!! 

We are ready!
Say No More! We're Ready!